1925Band Releases a New Music Video - Al Te Min Te Veel Gevra

Reno, Jeff and David-Lee Gericke, the brother-trio that makes up 1925Band, needs no further introduction. They have just released their third music video for the single Al Te Min Te Veel Gevra. The band recently held their album launch at the Centurion Theatre on the 27 September, 2017.

The music video follows on the success of their previous singles, Eintlik Nogal Baie – which was also the theme song for the same-titled film – and Gedig Op My Arm, which also received good attention.

Al Te Min Te Veel Gevra is a song with an incredible story.

”We arrived in Plettenberg Bay in December 2016. We had to stay there for a few month. We met some amazing people and had a wonderful time, sometimes whearing the same clothes for more than a day in a row! That is where we got the inspiration to write the words that could convey to people how to take in the Western Cape’s vibe. It was three months without a house, the same food and encounters with people from all walks of life. It was nights out to visits to the beach to watch the stars at night. We as brothers have gone through difficult times. But we had to take it all in because we had a dream that we had to follow.,” says David-Lee Gericke.

The video itself focuses around three core stories and was shot around the Bo-Kaap, Bloubergstrand and Durbanville. The first story is about a young girl who lives on the streets of the Bo-Kaap. who lives in the Upper Cape. Jeff is heading to a show and sees this girl, he gives her money and decides to sit on his cajon and entertain her and make her smile.

The second story is about a sad woman sitting on the beach, wondering about life. David-Lee is walking his dog, when the dog breaks loose and runs to her. He runs after the dog and meets the woman. The dog brings them together, not as lovers, but as new friends. She has new hope and is not alone anymore.

The third story tells the story of a lady buying groceries. Her bag falls, luckily Reno is in the same building and he runs to help her. He also helps her to the car and greets her there.

“The story behind the story is that one should always make time for someone you need. Do not just let it go, it is not too much to ask of you to make that time,” says Reno.

1925Band is signed to Storm Rekordz and they are currently planning an album launch in Cape Town in October.


Maak Dit Rerig Saak
Gedig op Jou Arm
Johny and the monkey
Eintlik Nogal Baie
Al Te Min Te Veel Gevra
Emosionele Natuur

Bonus tracks

Ahora Que Lo Pienso
Eintlik Nogal Baie (Koor Weergawe)

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Reno Gericke
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